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Gary Turner

I just have to tell you how much my 9 yr. old son is enjoying Club Tuki. My son is in 3rd. grade and he struggles in some of his subjects, so a website that teaches internet safety AND has educational games? No brainer for this household! The yearly fee for this site is a huge bargain for the benefits. Thanks to Club Tuki and Greg Writer for your vision and determination to get this site into our kid’s hands! I am sending the link to everyone I know who has kids. Go Club Tuki! - Joanne Rainey


I couldn’t let the opportunity go by to say thank you. My 9 year old son loves Club TUKI! He thanked me last night for setting it up for him and wanted me to “tell the guy who let us use it, thanks too.” – Mike Farrell:


I have three kids and all three of them are loving Club TUKI!” Kritsi Mildon


Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to build an Internet access tool safe for kids. I believe this was a God given idea and you listened and willingly obeyed. I praise God for you!” Les Sundeen


As the Cup Of Chicken Soup For The Soul author, and as the founder of ‘Let’s Talk’, a company that is dedicated to keeping families together, I wanted to let you know what Greg Writer and his team at Children’s Educational Network are doing – not trying to do, but doing – is fantastic!” Barry Spilchuck Cup Of Chicken Soup Author


My name is Candace and I am 10 years old and WOW am I happy, I love Noah’s Net! Noah’s Net is cool, you get to play really cool games, and some games help you learn, my favorite game is well….everything because Noah’s Net is so cool!” Candace


I love Noah’s Net and think this is a fantastic product for kids and every family should have the Noah’s Net Club TUKI Kid safe browser.” Tim Wildmon:President American Family Association


Hi! I’m Pastor David Spoon I just want to let you know how wonderful Noah’s Net really is for your children. No where else on the Internet can a parent feel safe that their child is protected from the dangers of the World Wide Web and at the same time be delighted that their child is being encouraged in a personal relationship with God.” Senior Pastor David Spoon, Aletheia Community Church


Having gained a great deal of respect for Greg Writer from my business dealings with him, I had the opportunity to view a 30-minute presentation of Greg’s technology and vision for Children’s Educational Network and he absolutely blew me away! His technology is unbelievable and his vision is sound with complete clarity.” David Stanley –, Author, motivational speaker and film producer.


Noah’s Net is great! Our son loves it and uses it when he has computer time. My husband and I can relax knowing our son is surfing the net in safety and having fun! We have yet to try the parent browser, but will soon. Thank you for a great product!” Suzy Sands


I have two boys, ages 7 and 10, who love the websites you offer, and I am so happy to have a great network available for my children that I know is safe enough that I do not have to stand over them constantly while they are using the computer.” Kelly Barr


I would like to add my opinion to the many others that express gratitude for the way that Greg Writer and others at CEN have used their talents to protect children from the unpleasantries of the Internet, while taking full advantage of the powerful learning opportunities available from that same source. They are doing an excellent job!” Jon Wilhelm


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