Club TUKI’s Reward System

You’re probably wondering… how are we going to get these children to play educational games?

We have invented a rewards system that allows children to earn virtual money–we call it TUKI Moola! This is our foundation for teaching your children about money!

Balancing checkbooks, managing credit, making smart money decisions, and staying out of debt are NOT being taught in our public schools. What if we could change that? With our patented rewards system, we are motivating your children to learn!

In Club TUKI, children are given their very own bank account! Every time they complete one of our educational games, TUKI Moola is placed into their very own bank account. Children now have the opportunity to learn about how to deposit, withdraw, and balance their check register.

Once a child has TUKI Moola in their account, they can then use that Moola to bid on REAL stuff in our TUKI Auction! TUKI Auction is our way of rewarding children for playing and learning with us. Everyone is a winner at Club TUKI and our Auction has top of the line prizes for your children such as: iPods, Xboxes, DVD’s, Books, Apparel, Posters, Gift-cards, and hundreds of other items!

After purchasing a prize using their TUKI Moola, we will ship that prize to your child, ASAP. (The ability to win real prizes is only available to PRIMO Club TUKI Members.)


Themes For All Ages

We have many themes that appeal to children of each gender and for different age groups.  PLUS, we are always coming out with new themes to keep the content fun and fresh.   More info…

Educational Games

Give your child access to educational games & online activities, where kids can Play, Learn, Earn & Win with our patented educational rewards system.  More info….

Kid Safe Email!

Give your child a kid safe email account you can depend on! Our proprietary web-based email allows your children to send and receive emails using our buddy system. Your child can only communicate with buddies that you approve!  More info…