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Kid-Safe Browser & Parental Control Software


Our Parental Control Software that comes with every Club TUKI Membership is actually a “cartoon Kid Safe Browser”. The software is equipped with a fun cartoon interface, designed to protect children from accidentally stumbling across inappropriate websites.

It works off our proprietary “include list” filtering technology where YOUR children can ONLY surf web sites that have been screened, pre-approved and deemed child appropriate by one of our staff members.  Parents can add or block web sites from our pre-approved list of over 8,000 kid safe web sites.

The software comes with a complete set of themes that appeal to different ages and genders, such as: Shrek, McGruff the Crime Dog, Miss America, Noah’s Internet, Professor Mindstein, and many more!

Each theme comes with a small-animated talking cartoon character that actually speaks words of encouragement and trivia to your children while they surf the Internet.  Once you and your children actually experience a cartoon walking onto the screen and talking to you, you will know that Club TUKI was the best decision you ever made for keeping your children safer online.

Our Parental Control Software is equipped with these features:

  • Internet Protection Module – When enabled, Desktop Lockdown prevents web access from another browser. This allows you to restrict access from unprotected browsers while your children are using the computer.
  • Multiple Child Accounts – Create an Account for each of your children with different settings for each child. This allows you to custom-tailor content for each of your kids.
  • Parent Tools Allow you to Easily Control your Child’s Activities on the Web – You can easily add or take away sites from the “Include List” within the Browser, even create a custom “Include List” for each child based on age – for total control of the sites your children can visit.
  • Exclusive “Desktop Lockdown” – When enabled, Desktop Lockdown prevents your kids from accessing your important files.
  • Personal Information Filters – You can prevent your children from giving out personal information about themselves or family members.


Themes For All Ages

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Educational Games

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Kid Safe Email!

Give your child a kid safe email account you can depend on! Our proprietary web-based email allows your children to send and receive emails using our buddy system. Your child can only communicate with buddies that you approve!  More info…