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"Start Receiving Commission Checks Every Month
By Referring People To Our Websites While Learning The Secrets
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From: Greg Writer

Dear Fellow Marketer:

You have just stumbled upon the coolest and easiest affiliate program to promote and make money from. Get ready to learn why more and more people are partnering with Club TUKI and how our affiliate program is one of the best on the internet.

See Why This Affiliate Programs Is So Awesome!

  • Earn GREAT Commissions: Earn 20% -30% of every sale you refer. You will earn20%-30% first tier, and 10% second tier and if the product is a monthly subscription you will earn reoccurring commissions for as long as your referral stays a customer.
  • 2 Tier Tracking System: Yep that’s right, we are bringing back the 2 tier affiliate program. Not only do you make money by referring someone directly but you also make money when you refer other affiliates. Referring just one super affiliate can make you thousands of dollars on autopilot. You will earn 20% first tier, and 10% second tier.
Product Product
Tier Monthly Commissions (20%)
Commissions (10%)
Club TUKI Monthly Memership
Club TUKI Yearly Memership

*Product Prices Are Subject To Change

Earnings Potential

*Based On Club TUKI Monthly Memership

Sales Product
Tier Monthly Commissions (20%)
x 20%
x 20%
x 20%
x 20%


Product Product
Commissions (30%)
Your Kids Club Bronze
Your Kids Club Club Silver
Your Kids Club Club Gold
  • Drip System Marketing: We want you to succeed so much that we have developed one of the best drip marketing email systems on the net. If your referred visitors don’t purchase right away you will still have a chance to make money from your efforts because every person you refer will become a member of our mailing list in which they will be placed into our drip marketing system so we can entice them to become a customer even months after they first visited one of our offers.
  • Internet’s Greatest Affiliate Tools: The focus of the Club TUKI affiliate program is to equip you with the right kind of tools and promotional materials to maximize your sales.

    That’s why we have developed arguably the most complete affiliate center on the web including training, plenty of fresh promotions as well as all your standard affiliate tools.

    Once you register, you’ll be able to instantly access this affiliate center and get started with your promotions.  Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find:

Not only that, but the Club TUKI affiliate program takes it one step further by automatically populating your promotions with your affiliate links:

Plus, we’ve recently added one of the most sophisticated affiliate tracking tools giving you the ability to instantly see what promotions are working the best for your list.  Now, there’s no need for third party tracking tools because you have everything at your finger tips.

Let’s take a look:

  • 360 Day Cookie: Don’t worry if your
    visitors don’t purchase right away because you have 360
    days (1 year) to make the sale. We will do our job to
    keep marketing to the visitors you refer until they buy
    to make sure you make the most money possible.

  • Instant Notification: You will receive instant email updates whenever you make a sale. We will also send you regular statements about your account and keep you updated about your marketing efforts and commissions earned.

As you can see we are doing our job to help you as much as we possibly can so you can start making some serious cash! We want you to succeed and we are willing to do whatever is needed to help you generate more sales.

We Don’t Just Talk About Converting … We Do!

We understand that your success depends on our success. This is why we never stop working for you by making sure our site is always converting the best it can. We never stop testing and tweaking new ideas and tactics. Each time we find something that works we stick to it and move onto other areas of the site. This helps us convert visitors like crazy which is why our affiliate program is better than any other program on the net.

Join Today And Start Reaping The Benefits

Ok now its your turn! Become a member of one of the coolest and easiest affiliate programs on the net. We have done all the hard work for you and will continue to offer amazing support and give you the best tools possible.

Greg Writer,
Owner and Founder

P. S. Remember this program is 100% FREE and you will get approved instantly.
Don’t miss this opportunity to become a member of one the most elite affiliate programs on the net!


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