You will determine whether or not you trust your children, and if you don’t that is okay.
There are programs and resources out there to help keep your children safe, and keep you in the loop!

Know everything your teenagers and pre-teens do on the computer and Internet.  SPECTOR PRO provides peace of mind for parents concerned about their teen’s computer and online activity.  With the ability to monitor, record and review DVR-like playback of what they do online, SPECTOR PRO provides “Always On” protection for your teen.

SPECTOR PRO records emails, chats, instant messages, website visits, programs used and other actions.  It allows you to block all Internet activity or any specific website or person you feel is unsuitable.  SPECTOR PRO warns you when it detects inappropriate behavior and sends immediate and detailed reports of when, where and how detected keywords or phrases were used.

For additional protection, SPECTOR PRO continually takes snapshots of the computer screen as often as you’d like, which gives you an accurate and visual view of what you teens and tweens have been doing on their computer and online.  You can then review those recordings whenever you wish with simple, easy-to-use, video-style controls – much like watching your DVR. With all this and more, SPECTOR PRO has deservedly earned its reputation as the most comprehensive, trusted monitoring software available.

Download HERE:

For Windows:

For MAC:

Know your teens and pre-teens are safe online, even if you’re thousands of miles away.  eBLASTER records all of their computer and online activity, and then automatically sends easy-to-read reports of that activity to any email address you wish and as often as you like.  In addition, eBLASTER immediately forwards you a copy of every chat, instant message and email your teenager sends or receives.  You’ll always be ‘in the know’ and able to quickly address any situation that could occur – no matter where you are.

What’s more, eBLASTER instantly warns you of potential danger to your child if an unsuitable word or phrase is used, and even allows you to block any website or person you feel is inappropriate.  Once eBLASTER is installed on the computer you wish to monitor, you can access your settings and modify them online via any standard web browser.  This makes it easy and convenient to use from anywhere.  With eBLASTER, even if you’re always on the go, at work, or traveling – protecting your teen is as fast and simple as opening your email.

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For Windows:

For MAC:



You’ll never again need to worry about your teen’s mobile device activity. Install eBLASTER Mobile on their Android and BlackBerry smartphones, and record all messages sent and received, even when the messages are deleted from the phone.  You can determine if the content of your child’s mobile messages is appropriate, or if they make or receive too many phone calls.  You’ll get a detailed log of when, how long and to whom they talked, along with incoming and outgoing phone numbers.  And, with eBLASTER Mobile’s new geofencing capability, you have the ability to set up electronic boundaries around specific locations such as their school or a friend’s house.  You’ll receive an email alert when they enter or leave that designated area, and position alerts will keep you informed as to where they are and where they’re supposed to be.

eBLASTER Mobile allows you to monitor, track and audit your teen’s mobile device activity, no matter where they are located.  eBLASTER Mobile automatically sends you easy-to-read Activity Reports with details on their phone calls, messages sent and received, location tracking, and more.  Safeguarding your teenager or pre-teen is as easy and fast as opening up your email.

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iPhone Help:

Here is another software to check out for monitoring your child’s iPhone:

For information regarding the iPhone, you can easily access your child’s text messages and notes, by having them ‘sync’ with their G-Mail settings. This can be done in the settings tab under the iPhone, and if you set-up a G-Mail account for their phone make sure you have access to that password. Then you will have access to whatever you ‘sync’ with their G-Mail account.




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