The best online protection includes educating your own children about online safety. Instead of listing rules and expecting them to follow without question, sit down with your children and engage them in this discussion. Explaining why it’s important to practice safe habits on the Internet is just as important as the tips we’ve shared below. Spending time online with your children is fun! Safe habits start with a good example. Talking to your children about online safety is the best way to ensure both understanding and cooperation, but setting up a few basic rules doesn’t hurt either. Check out our top 10 online saftey tips to get you started.

online safety

1.    Teach your children never to give out personal information online. This includes: name, address, phone numbers, passwords, school names, sport teams they play on, fields at which they practice, etc.


2.    Set rules and guidelines for your children before they go online. Discuss the rules and place them near the computer as a reminder of why online safety is important.


3.    Keep the computer in an open area to better monitor your children’s Internet use.


4.    Review your screen name(s) and see if they reveal too much information that may entice a predator.


5.    Turn on the setting that saves chat and message history on your children’s programs.


6.    Make all social networking site profiles private. Review and screen your children’s friends/buddy lists often. Know who your children are talking to online.


7.    Surf the web with your children and explain proper Internet etiquette. Online safety begins with good examples.


8.    Make sure your children know to come to you if anything online makes them uncomfortable or seems inappropriate. Assure them that honesty about their online experiences will not be punished.


9.    Contact local law enforcement if a stranger contacts you or if your children are ever solicited in any manner. Do not delete e-mails and chat sessions, as these may be needed as evidence by the authorities.


10. Install Internet filters and parental control software on your computer and/or configure the software that you already have on your computer. 


Do you have online safety tips you would like to share? Leave a comment below and share your advice on how to protect children online. Check out the TUKI Browser for a unique and safe way for children to learn, earn and win online. 

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