Did you know there are parental controls already build into Apple’s iPhone? If your child uses an iPhone pay attention. They have access to the world-wide-web at the touch of a button from virtually anywhere. Use the step-by-step instructions below to set up some basic safety featureas already available on the iphone.

Parental Controls

1.From the home screen, select Settings > General.

2. Select Restrictions

3. Enter a 4-digit passcode. Make sure you remember this passcode, in case you need to change these settings later on.

4. You will see the restrictions screen. Set Safari, YouTube, and Installing Apps to OFF on this screen.

5. Scroll down the screen to the Allowed Content area.

6. Set In-App Purchases to OFF.

7. Select Music & Podcasts. Set Explicit to OFF.

8. Select Movies. Select the rating you would like to allow.

9. Select TV Shows. Select the rating you would like to allow.

10. Select Apps. Select age-based filtering for apps you would like to allow.

11. Select Ratings For to change your location if necessary.

12. Hit the Home button to return the home screen.

There are also kid-safe browser available for iPhone. You can set the parental controls for various ages and content levels, giving you peace of mind while your children surf the web. Check out other parental control tips!


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