We love the Nintendo Wii because it’s making couch potatoes get active and including the whole family in hours of activity together. Like other gaming platforms the Nintendo Wii comes with parental controls that can easily be set to ensure safety

Keeping your children safe is easy with these step-by-step instructions that teach you how to set the parental controls on your Nintendo Wii.

parental controls

1. From the main Wii Menu, using the cursor and the A Button on the Wii Remote controller, select “Wii Options” followed by “Wii Settings.” Click on the blue arrow to the right to reach the “Wii System Settings 2” menu options.

2. Choose “Parental Controls” and select “Yes.”

3. Create a 4-digit PIN and select “OK.” You will be prompted to select a secret question to be used if you forget the PIN number. Once done, select “OK.”

4. Select “Game Settings and PIN.” Now you can select the “Highest Game Rating Allowed” on the Wii console. Once selected, press “OK,” “Confirm,” and “Settings Complete.”


You can also use the “Other Settings” menu under “Parental Controls” to:

† – Prevent use of “Wii Points” in the “Wii Shop Channel” where games can be purchased

† – Restrict online user-to-user communication and the exchange of user-generated content

† – Block use of the “Internet Channel” and/or “News Channel”


Other tips for the Nintendo Wii:

If your child wants to play online with a friend, they must exchange and store each other’s Wii number with their Wii name in their respective Address Books. Your own Wii console number can be found in the “Address Book.”

Check out how to protect your children online with other parental control instructions.


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