Microsoft’s Xbox is the most popular gaming platform in the United States with advanced technologies that allow internet access.

Popular gaming platforms come with parental controls already built into the system. Below you will find easy, step-by-step instructions on how to calibrate your gaming platform for your children.

parental controls

1. In the Xbox Dashboard, using the left stick or round pad on your controller, go to the “System” tab, then “Family Settings,” and press the green A button to access “Console Controls.”
(NOTE: Newer systems, or those updated recently through Xbox LIVE, may log you into the “New Xbox
Experience” dashboard instead of the “Xbox Dashboard” noted above. If this occurs, go to “My Xbox” using the left stick or round pad on your controller.         Cycle through to the right and select the “System Settings” tab by pressing the green A button. Scroll down and highlight “Family Settings,” press the                  green A button and select “Console Controls.” Then continue with the following steps.)

2. Press the green A button again to select “Game Ratings.” Select the maximum ESRB rating level you deem appropriate for your children by pressing the green A button.

3. Go to “Set Pass Code” and press the green A button twice, at which point you must enter a 4-button pass code using the Xbox controller buttons. Select a question and answer in case you forget or want to reset your pass code.

4. Select “Done” on both the “Set Pass Code” and “Console Controls” screens to save your settings.

5. Select “Yes, Save Changes” to activate.
You can also use “Console Controls” to:
-Activate the “Family Timer” to limit the total amount of time the console can be used per day or week
-Manage access to Microsoft’s online service, “Xbox Live”
-Block access to movie DVDs by MPAA rating, and television shows by TV rating
-Hide restricted content (e.g., downloadable games, trailers and demos) in “Xbox Live Marketplace” and
“Inside Xbox”

Other tips about Xbox Live:
-You may want to set up a separate “Xbox Live” account for each child in your family
-“Xbox Live Controls” (found in “Family Settings”) also allow you to: • Permit or block access to online games (select “Online Gameplay”) • Manage whom your child can communicate and play with and by what
means (voice, text and/or video) (select “Privacy and Friends”)

For more information parental controls click here. 

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