“If the powers that be at Nickelodeon decide you’re a star, it’s only a question of when. For 15-year-old Cymphonique Miller, early 2012 should be her time.” [Variety Article 2011]

Club TUKI Spokesperson and Hollywood Teen Phenomenon Cymphonique Miller is ready to hit your television! Her very own television series titled ‘How To Rock‘ will air this February on Nickelodeon. We are thrilled to share with the world the amazing, talented and unique young lady who is committed to supporting our efforts in protecting and educating YOUR children online. Cymphonique plays the lead role of ‘Kacey Simon’, a girl who gets braces and glasses and decides to join a band to teach her school that being popular and perfect isn’t everything.

Not only supporting her show, but her personal message to all young girls out there, Cymphonique represents the girls’ self-eteem apparel line BYOU, Be Your Own You. Teaching children the importance of self-esteem at an early age is something Cymphoniuqe lives by, and the best part about it is that YOUR children,and  YOUR grandchildren have the incredible opportunity of supporting her new show ‘How To Rock’. But wait, there is more!

The theme song for the show, ‘How To Rock’ is a song that Cymphonique wrote herself titled Only You Can Be You! How cool is that!? Our brand is being promoted on Nickelodeon everyday to YOUR children! Stay tuned for the incredible and unique experience you get to be a part of, ‘How To Rock’ hits your television February 2012! Watch the just released music video for Only You Can Be You below!


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