On Tuesday, October 18th Paramount Studios welcomed a small audience to a LIVE filming of the newest and hottest Nickelodeon show titled, ‘How To Rock’! Cymphonique Miller who plays Kacey Simon on the show, welcomed her business partners from San Diego, Team TUKI & their guests.

[From the top, left to right– Greg Writer, David & Noelle Spoon, Candace, Kayla, Damon Parker, Alexander Nawrocki, Mike Belin, Laura Rubinstein, Kevin, Joshua Writer, Mary Writer, Chuck Brocious, Emily Rehm, Linda, Orousha Brocious, Cymphonique Miller, Cheyenne Inglis, Sammi Carsey]

As a teen celebrity spokesperson for Club TUKI, Cymphonique represents the mission and vision of The Ultimate Kids’ Internet. As a positive role model for kids, Cymphonique encourages young girls to express being themselves and being unique with the launch of her new clothing line ‘BYOU’, which stands for Be Your Own You.  

Kacey Simon, Cymphonique’s character on the new show ‘How To Rock’ also supports her efforts to influence children. Kacey Simon used to be a popular girl, but then has to get braces and glasses, and becomes shunned by her fellow friends. The show unveils with Kacey joining a new group of friends who help her realize that being ‘popular’ and ‘cool’ isn’t everything. She represents the girl who teaches everyone that being yourself and loving who you are is the most important thing.

Cymphonique stayed after the filming to show her support for Team TUKI, their guests, and their children to take pictures and sign autographs. Team TUKI had the wonderful opportunity of sharing this day with Cymphonique and we are very excited to see what she will bring to millions of children. ‘How To Rock’ will air early next year on Nickelodeon, and we hope to keep
rockin’ with her as she becomes the next BIG teen superstar!


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