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20 Responses to Thanks For YOUR Time!

  1. I am so very excited to be a part of this vision and to share it with my community. This is the most amazing way to keep kids safe on the internet – all while teaching them about internet safety, math, financial literacy, and so much more. This is truly an amazing vision and I believe that this mission is blessed and all who take part are going to be blessed as they join the program to keep kids safe with the browser, the kids club, and

    Congratulations to You and to everyone who takes the time to listen and may all those who join be blessed by joining in the vision.

  2. Jean (John) Cariot says:

    I’m impressed. By your ‘mission’, your idea and all the work you do. Two words: great and necessary. But this is good for America and the countries where they speak english. Here in France you wouldn’t find a market unless everything is translated. But where do you find a frenchman that can speak as fast as you do? Even the impuls of your brain stays behind…as we could witness…
    I was able to follow you, in spite of the fact that I’m a Dutchman. Compliments for the presentation.
    Just a thought, that you might have heard before: I’m afraid that those who will react and do something are motivated by the financial gain and not by the moral standard that should be kept.
    I wish you succes and if I meet an occasion to talk about it and spread the word I won’t hesitate to do so.

  3. arun says:

    anything i can do? would be a pleasure.



  4. Deb says:

    Thanks for all you do, we need to help and support the children of today, as well as protect them. Again, Thanks, it is appreciated. May God bless you in ways that amaze you daily.

  5. Chris says:

    I believe in you Greg and all you do!!

  6. Max Burcham says:

    I think this approach will be very beneficial to get your product out to the masses, for the benefit and protection of the kids!
    Thanks for your dedication.

  7. Matthew says:

    There are so many ways for everyone to get involved! Great job. The biz opportunity looks awesome!

  8. Mark says:

    WOW! My wife is going to love this! What a great way for stay at home Moms to do something good for kids and be able to have her own little $ making business. Thanks Greg!

  9. Reuben V. Greene,III says:

    A long-overdue resource for parents, grandparents and teachers to help protect our children who cannot protect themselves.

  10. Tony Cabalu says:

    I agree we should always educate childrens around the world with these kinds of filt in the internet

  11. I shall be sending this on to my contacts.

  12. Vladimir says:

    I’m impressed … I would like to sell this product in Europe … verry GOOD from my opinion!

  13. Super! I really like the concept, your vision and how much that will help so many people! Congratulations and continue the great work…

  14. iniyan says:

    pray for my family .lot of loan in life

  15. Richard A-Antwi says:

    What a fanstatic PROJECT in the corriders of our world. Many Kids will benefit substantially in their entire life as a result of this effort.Fantastic and well done..

  16. pk says:

    great work done

  17. Bob Driver says:

    The TUKI Kid’s Club opportunity has me staying awake at night. It took me about one nano-second to decide if I should become involved with this Crusade to educate and keep kids safe on the internet. It is amazing. It is the real deal. It can have a profound impact on kids and jumps start them into a life filled with success. Thanks Greg Writer and the rest of the fantastic TUKI team.

  18. oaboloka oganne says:

    prayer for my christian life. i want i job so that i will assist the servants of God and work freely iin the house of the Lord.

  19. [...] keeping informed, using a kidsafe browser, allowing your kids to play educational games about internet safety, and keeping the dialog open between you and your child at all times; are all [...]

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